Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Justin Beiber is a fag.

Apparently Justin Bieber really is everywhere these days. His influence has even permeated the adult-contemporary scene, as Bieber's fellow Canadian, mellow crooner Michael Bublé, has dressed up like the bowl-cutted boy wonder in his funny new video, "Hollywood."
Watch his Bieber impression here:

Bublé takes on various Hollywood-cliché personas for the "Hollywood" video, including an '80s hair-metal rocker, paparazzi-baiting bad boy, Eastwoodian gun-slinger, and a mustachioed '70s action hero straight out of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" music video. "The video is about celebrity culture, people's dreams about fame, and what can go with it," Bublé told The Sun. "You can see what fun I had playing the characters."
But it's Bublé's big-banged Bieber character that's understandably generating the most Internet buzz, and is actually the most convincing.

Considering that he is 19 years older than Justin, Bublé does an impressively accurate Bieber impersonation. He's gotten the hair just right--it's all about the hair with Bieber, you know--and he exhibits just the right amount of obnoxious tweenage swagga. And hey...THIS Bieber can actually sing!
So thank you, Michael Bublé, for giving us this year's perfect Halloween costume idea.
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