Friday, October 8, 2010


Minecraft. Many of you may of heard of this new indie game hit, some may even play it.
I'm going to give a brief summary of it and include some pictures, helpful videos, and other cool stuff.

First off, if you're a MW2 fanboy or someone who thinks graphics make a game, go ahead and skip over this.
This game features a very creative and original gameplay with oldschool looking graphics where everything is like a cube. Yes, air, sand, water, lava, rocks, wood, grass, dirt...all the shape of a block with the same size.
Here, take a look at a few pictures.
These are just a few pictures of the game. Minecraft gives each player a randomly generated world, meaning nobody will ever have the same world. Yes, each and every world is unique. Worlds can feature snow and many other types of landscapes, such as flat plains or High steep cliffs and caverns. The coolest thing about this game, is the item crafting. You can make various items from different resources you collect in the game. For a full list of crafting recipes, visit this website.

There is so much I can go into, but I just don't have the time to say it here.
Below I will list a select amount of links to provide you with more information:
The official website where you can purchase the game or play the classic version
Minecraft Wiki page with a vast amount of information
Different skins available for your character on Minecraft
Very helpful video to get you started

If you would like to play the multiplayer version with me, you can join the server I play on.
IP is

Also, please don't pirate the game. It's a cheap game that is made by a normal guy.
I highly suggest this game to everyone, at least give it a try or watch some videos on youtube.

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