Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Weekend

Weather made a drastic change in temperature, going from fucking hot, to fucking cold. The element of boredism struck home again. I procrastinate a paper that was due over a week ago, again. Played some Minecraft. Lurked a little bit on the internet. Texted my girl. Laughed at ricers as I drove through town. Watched our football team get destroyed 42-8 by our rival. Got my dick wet. Slept in a little bit. Got a new great dane. Forgot to flush my radiator, again. Watched southpark and Napolean Dynamite. Etc
Thanks for listening to my life story taken from this weekend.


  1. That's a pretty exciting weekend.
    That you got a new dog, got your dick wet, and played some starcraft :P

  2. interesting weekend, mine was boring >.<

  3. Warcraft is better tbh... but interesting week ahahed

  4. I had a drastic temperature change too. I love the cold, but I hate going from hot to cold in a matter of days.